Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pauline Johnejack's Dressing for Fowl

In honor of Thanksgiving, how about a vintage dressing recipe from my grandma Genevieve's recipe box? This one is attributed to someone named Pauline Johnejack.

Pauline Johnejack's Dressing for Fowl

1 1/2 boxes of Kellogg's Croettes Cubes* (for a 12-lb turkey and casserole)

Brown an onion (diced? -ed.)  + chopped celery in butter or margarine. Brown about 1lb. of ground beef. Add a can of mushroom pieces. Add [Croutettes] cubes prepared according to directions on box. Use bouillon cubes in moisture.

Geneveive has a note here that reads, "I bake 12lb. turkey at 325F for about 7 hours."

For small casserole:

Kellog's Croettes, 3/4 box.
Brown small amount of onion + celery + 1/4lb. of ground beef.
Add 4oz. can of mushroom pieces.
Add cubes as direction on box, use bouillon cubes in hot water and use juice from mushrooms.

*It appears that what Genevieve referred to as "Kellogg's Croettes" were actually Kellogg's Croutettes, and it was a box bread stuffing that was discontinued in 2010. (There is still a loyal fan base out there that would love to see Kellogg's bring them back, however. They even have a "Bring back Kellogg's herbed croutons/stuffing mix" Facebook page.) There's a video here where a woman named Jane attempts to recreate Kellogg's Croutettes stuffing, so if you're feeling particularly adventurous, give it a try. Otherwise, I assume any other box stuffing can be substituted.

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